- Setting Family Budget Conclusion 1

Setting Up A Family Budget: Conclusion Part 1

None of us want to remain or be without money, short on cash, cash-strapped and not able to live well and or get the things we need, dream about and want.

by Running a Part-Time
Home-Based Business

Family budgeting brings us one-step closer to our fiscal realities, while offering more than the direction and route, but also the tools and techniques to get to fiscal nirvana!

Most of us have an inherent want to protect what is rightfully ours.

Our hard-earned cash is no exception here. We want to enable, as far as it is in our power, to utilize what little (or much) we do have to the best advantage and our family benefit overall.

Family budgeting helps us do so with method, structure, elements and processes that enable success.

Family budgeting can assist have and have nots alike make better financial decisions with a future perspective always in mind.

Building greater awareness of where our money actually goes, or ends up, can be enlightening and empowering t the same time.

Some react with shock and horror, as they realize they are their own worst enemy.

They bear witness to impulse-driven shopping and periods with no fiscal discipline.

Realizing that this course of action hurt you and your family in the long run, puts a sudden halt on the money flowing out typically! (even if the effect does not last too long!).

Although family budgeting can be overwhelming at first, the tools and techniques, process and steps to follow are fairly simple, straightforward and easy.

Like so often said, it is not rocket science!

We just need to have the right attitude, motivation and persistence to see and follow things through.

Budget or bust!

Family budgeting can help you get, be and remain in control of your money and family’s financial situation.

Be kind to your pocketbook!

Set aside time to work on your household financials and budgeting processes on a regular basis.

Keep it up to date and accurate.

This way you can spot problems early, react quickly and come up with creative solutions in the short-term to address any issues, challenges or shortfalls.

Be on top of things.

Family budgeting helps you know your own financial facts.

You will be able to know instinctively and exactly what is going on with your cash-balance without even looking at your statement necessarily!

A good test to tell whether someone is using a family budget for their household is to have them write down the exact amount they have in the bank today and as of now also on their person, in their wallet.

Add the two and write down the total right now.

What did you learn from this exercise?

Let us take it one-step further.

What do you owe?

Include credit cards, car financing, mortgage and other debt.

Subtract what you owe from what you have.

Have you learnt anything by doing this simple exercise?

For most of us the answers would be astonishing!

This hands-on involvement and knowledge about your finances helps some and not others.

For some of us just glancing at our statement now and again, having no idea as to what is in our wallets, is quite all-right too.

That is, as long as you are not finding ways to spend it without realizing it!

In family budgeting, do not be hesitant to set stretch-goals too.

Whether you get there by cost cutting, taking a second, part-time or seasonal job or find another source of supplemental income -- it helps you raise the bar even higher.

Family budgeting is not just about budgeting to the last cent and flying by the seat of your pants.

It offers structure, wisdom, decision making and reward for the serious and tenacious amongst us.

Taking it on as a major and regular task and priority will change your quality of life, sometimes without you even realizing it.

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